Schrodinger MSc & PhD Chemistry Job - Technology Support Scientist

Schrodinger MSc & PhD Chemistry Job – Technology Support Scientist

Schrodinger seeking a chemistry Science and Technology Support Scientist to join them in our mission to improve human health and quality of life through the development, distribution, and application of advanced computational methods! ready to grab this opportunity? apply now. Check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Science and Technology Support Scientist

Location – Hyderabad

Elibiglity Criteriua & Experience: 

  • A Master’s/Ph.D degree in Chemistry, Physics, and Material Science
  •  Exposure to molecular modeling techniques quantum mechanical calculation/molecular dynamics simulation/common coarse-grained force fields molecular simulation for polymers/macromolecular materials systems/battery materials in electrochemical devices/materials for devices
  • brief working knowledge on molecular simulations for biological systems like docking, protein-small molecule interactions, homology modeling, etc. are necessary
  • A desire to publish scientific papers, if possible
  •  Exposure to IT and python/R programming skills is an added advantage
  •  Skilful verbal and written communicator
  •  A self-starter who can think innovatively and troubleshoot when required


  • A computational chemist/engineer who has experience in the applications of molecular modeling software tools for materials modeling along with a brief exposure to pharmaceutical applications
  • A strong problem-solver who’s familiar with high-performance computing clusters and queuing systems
  • A keen Python programmer
  • A quick-thinking customer supporter who enjoys helping others solve problems
  • An excellent communicator with impeccable interpersonal and organizational skills

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