Cipla Ltd Chemistry & Pharma Job Vacancy 2022 - Analyst Post

Analytical Chemistry & Pharma Job Vacancy 2022 – Cipla Ltd

Cipla Ltd hiring analytical chemistry and pharma candidates. M Pharma job opening 2022. MSc Chemistry job opening 2022. Chemistry analyst job opening 2022, Chemistry vacancy 2022, M Pharma job opening 2022. Formulation ADL Analyst job opening 2022. Analyst job vacancy 2022, Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Formulation ADL – Analyst (66248)

Division IPD

Department Formulation ADL

Employment Type Permanent

Eligibility Criteria: M. Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) / M. Pharm

Relevant Work Experience

2-4 years of experience in a pharmaceutical organization with knowledge of handling instruments like HPLC, GC, Dissolution tester, and DPI related instruments
Knowledge of current guidelines like ICH, EMEA, WHO

Job Purpose

Execute the core method development activities and conduct analysis of routine as well as stability samples to finalize specifications and ensure timely delivery of product to unit.

Key Accountabilities (1/5)

Accountability Cluster:

I. Develop new analytical methods for analysis of routine as well as stability samples by following proper GLPs to provide results or information regarding products to formulators

Major Activities / Tasks:

  • Perform part method validation, forced degradation studies, excipient compatibility studies, reverse engineering, add-mixture studies, in-use studies, hold-time study, and analysis of routine & stability studies
  • Conduct cleaning validation studies
  • Perform analysis of API, excipients, and secondary material (packaging material, ink, adhesive, etc.)
  • Develop cost-effective & time-saving analytical methods for new or existing product
    Evaluate the pharmacopeia
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Key Accountabilities (2/5)

Accountability Cluster:

II. Perform maintenance and calibration of lab instruments/equipment to get accurate and reproducible analytical results for proper interpretation

Major Activities / Tasks:

  • Maintain the lab instruments/equipment and troubleshoot the issues
  • Perform calibration (schedule/breakdown) and calculate instrument utilization
  • Up-keep the HPLC/GC/IC column

Key Accountabilities (3/5)

Accountability Cluster:

III. Document and interpret the analytical data in a timely manner as per GLP / GMP requirements to maintain records and compliance of regulatory norms

Major Activities / Tasks:

  • Record and document all analytical activities in a timely manner in the Lab note-book, instrument/equipment, and column logbook
  • Provide base documents for MOA / COA preparation for better coordination in analytical

Key Accountabilities (4/5)

Accountability Cluster:

IV. Provide support to units or CFTs for the transfer of analytical methods and techniques by visiting and demonstrating them with the relevant analysis to ensure the successful and timely transfer of products

Major Activities / Tasks:

  • Transfer methods and technologies to other units and departments
  • Study the literature to resolve units and regulatory queries and conduct investigation studies in the stipulated time period
  • Analyse samples at the pilot plant and unit for trace determination (Cleanin

Key Accountabilities (5/5)

Accountability Cluster:

V. Maintain proper safety, GLP, and GMP environment in the workplace to minimize accidents and incidents

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Major Activities / Tasks:

  • Follow safety guidelines by ensuring the use of PPE & MSDS of chemicals at the time of analysis
  • Upkeep the samples given for analysis and ensure timely destruction after analysis as per SOP
  • Dispose solvents and waste generated during the analysis

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