PLI for 11 Pharmaceutical Companies: 11 drug makers to produce bulk drugs under the scheme

PLI for 11 Pharmaceutical Companies: 11 drug makers to produce bulk drugs under the scheme

Eleven pharma companies have been selected by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers for the manufacturing of 9 KSMs (Key Starting Materials), APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), and drug intermediates under the PLI (Production Linked Incentive) scheme. The ministry stated that approval would be sought for the PLI scheme-qualified companies for the last Segment-IV category items within the 28th of February.

Following are the companies and the products manufactured by them:

  1. 2-Methyl-5NitroImidazole by Aarti Speciality Chemicals Limited
  2. 1,1 Cyclohexane Diacetic Acid by Emmennar Pharma Private Limited
  3. 1,1 Cyclohexane Diacetic Acid by Hindys Lab Private Limited
  4. Rifampicin by Macleods Pharmaceutical Limited
  5. Para amino phenol by Meghmani LLP
  6. Betamethasone, Dexamethasone, Prednisolone by Natural Biogenex Private Limited
  7. Vitamin B1, Streptomycin by Optimus Drugs Private Limited
  8. Para amino phenol by Sadhana Nitro Chem Limited
  9. 1,1 Cyclohexane Diacetic Acid by Saraca Laboratories Limited
  10. Vitamin B1 by Sudarshan Pharma Industries Limited
  11. Prednisolone by SymbiotecPharmalab Private Limited

Among these drug makers coming under PLI for 11 Pharmaceutical Companies, Sadhana Nitro Chem Limited’s approval is deemed conditional, depending on the court verdict outcome.

According to the ministry, a total investment amount of ₹862.01 crores

will be required for setting up the necessary plants. This will also necessitate 1,763 people to be employed. The ministry stated that the government had approved 19 applications with ₹4623.01 crores as the committed investment amount. 1st April 2023 is when the commercial production is expected to start, and the government PLI disbursal over a 6-year period would be up to ₹4,870 crores. Concerning bulk drugs, these plants will make the nation highly self-reliant.

4 target segments make up the minimum-domestic value greenfield plants set up under the PLI scheme, encouraging domestic production. These target segments are essentially distributed with 70% in 2 chemical-synthesis-based segments and at least 90% in 2 fermentation-based segments. This also sees ₹6,940 crores as the total outlay amount for the time-periods of 2020-2021 and 2029-2030 under the PLI for the 11 pharmaceutical companies.

30th November 2020 was the last date to submit applications for companies coming under the 4 target segments. Approval for 36 products was sought, with 215 applications sent to the ministry. Under Target Segment I, 5 applications have already been approved ₹3,761 crores as the committed investment.





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