S.N Bose Scholars Program partnered by SERB, DST, IUSSTF and WINStep Forward | Apply Online

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S.N Bose Scholars Program partnered by SERB, DST, IUSSTF and WINStep Forward | Apply Online

To nurture future innovators and thought leaders, the Science & Engineering Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and WINStep Forward have partnered to support a dynamic and transformative student exchange program between premier institutions in India and the United States. The program is named in honor of Satyendra Nath Bose (1894 – 1974), a visionary Indian physicist best known for his work on quantum mechanics in the early 1920s. The class of particles that obey BoseEinstein statistics, Bosons, was named after him.


  • Indian Candidates currently enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters’ degree in Atmospheric and Earth Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Engineering; Mathematical and Computational Sciences; and, Physical Sciences are eligible to apply. PhD students are NOT eligible to apply.
  • Applications in subject – fields other than those specified in the advertisement will not be considered.
  • Only those candidates who shall be completing their degree program on or after May 2018 are eligible to apply.
  • This year applications are accepted through nominations/endorsements only.
  • The departments from each institute have been asked to nominate 2 of their beststudents from each discipline for the program.
  • Two applications per stream, per department, per institute. For this purpose, for example, the usual two years Masters in physics and Integrated Masters in Physics may be counted as 2 different streams and 2 different applications.
  • In case the top 2 nominated students do not wish to apply, your department may choose to endorse other two meritorious students.

Note: Students with a biology background should consider applying to the Khorana Program for Scholars

Program Dates: May – July 2017

Scholarship includes:

  • Stipend
  • Health Insurance
  • Air-fare


  • provide an opportunity to Indian students to experience world-class research facilities in leading U.S. institutions;
  • encourage and motivate students to take up research as a career;
  • pave the way for the next generation of pioneers and innovators in science and technology to interact with each other, and;
  • build long-term R&D linkages and collaborations cutting across boundaries around the globe.

How to Apply:

Online Form Submission

  • Step 1 Sign in through the Online Application Portal for Visitation Programs (Use the link given on the top right hand corner of the webpage).
  • Step 2 Verify your account using the link sent to your registered email id. Please check your spam/junk folders in case the mails are not received in your inbox from [email protected]
  • Step 3 Login to the Online Portal with the registered Email Id. Please remember your user id and password for future references
  • Step 4  Click “Apply for – Start Application”
  • Step 5 Fill in the required details in the form,
  • Step 6 You may preserve the entered information using the Save button given at the bottom of the form.
  • Step 7 You may retrieve the saved information using your login credentials and Submit the form upon completion.
  • Step 8 You may download the PDF of your completed application after submission. All online applications will receive an automatic email verifying receipt of your application. The PDF format of the application can also be downloaded using the link sent to your registered email id after submission. Please note your Application ID for future references.

Forgot Password:

In case you forget your account password please click on ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the login page. An email with the link to reset your password will be sent to your registered email ID. Please reset your password and login to your account.

Filling your applications

  1. The form must be completed by all applicants in English; please ensure that your respective form is complete and filled to the best of your knowledge before clicking ‘Submit’. Applicants would not be able to change or edit their forms after submission.
  2. A separate application form must be completed for each program for which you apply. You may choose to apply for more than one visitation program, provided that you fulfil the eligibility criteria.
  3. Please note that fields marked withare mandatory, please enter the necessary information in these fields
  4. Do not use capital letters unnecessarily to enter information in the form. Use only where required
  5. In the event of the applicant providing false or misleading information he/she will be asked to forfeit the internship/fellowship.
  6. Please enter your personal details correctly which will be used for all documentation purposes under the respective program.
  7. The address that you provide will be used for all correspondence. Any change of address after submission of the application needs to be communicated to the respective program officer without fail.
  8. In the sections “Statement of Purpose” and “Research Experience” please give as much information as possible to enable us to evaluate your application.
  9. All documents should be scanned and uploaded in the prescribed format.
  10. Supporting documents should be  provided strictly according to the check – list mentioned in the application form.
  11. In case you do not have a passport, kindly apply for one and select ‘Applied for’ in the application form.
  12. The recommendations need to be on the official letter head of the referee with their ink signature and stamp (if any). If they are comfortable sharing the letters with the candidate; it can be uploaded with the application form. If not, the referees may directly email it to [email protected] with the candidate’s Name, Department and Institute/University clearly mentioned in the subject line, well before the submission deadline.
  13. One of the referees should be your teacher/tutor. In case you have completed a training/internship in any lab, a reference from your supervisor there would be preferred.
  14. Any supporting document emailed to [email protected] after the submission deadline will not be considered
  15. Use Specific area of study and degree program enrolled in to indicate the specific undergraduate/ post graduate course you are pursuing. Eg: B.Tech in Civil Engineering / M.Tech in Ceramic  Engineering etc.
  16. The Major Area of study and Specific area of study has been mapped as shown in the Application Guidelines Document.

Other Information

  • There are no partner universities under the program. As part of the application, the students have to fill in their area of interest / potential research idea(s). If the student is selected, we try our best to make placements based on the area indicated by the student in the application form. The students are also free to get in touch with professors/ labs of their choice in the US (however it is not necessary). All in all, the program aims to provide the best possible internship experience to talented Indian students!
  • The internship is a 10-12 week program, tentatively scheduled to be held during mid of May to July 2017.
  • The scholarship includes the following:
    • Stipend of 2000USD
    • Airfare- Roundtrip (to be booked by IUSSTF travel desk)
    • Health Insurance
  • We would like to stress on the eligibility criteria and emphasize that only those candidates who have a minimum of one year remaining for the completion of their course in India are eligible to apply.
  • Kindly note that in case you are pursuing your first semester in your master’s degree (MSc/M. Tech degree), kindly ensure that you attach your Bachelors rank certificate and mark list. Also it is necessary that you are nominated by your current institute. They may nominate the candidate based on any internal assessments that they deem commendable.

Please contact [email protected] with reference to any clarifications or information required regarding the online application form

Submission Deadline: 31 October 2016

For program information contact: Dr. Nishritha Bopana, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, Fulbright House, 12, Hailey Road, New Delhi – 110001

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