Top 10 books / Study Materials for CSIR NET Chemical Sciences


When it comes to CSIR NET Exam in Chemical Sciences , students huddle through every posssible book available in the market. In a hurry they choose wrong material for CSIR NET and regret later.

We advice you not to buy substandard preparatory books for CSIR NET JRF preparation as you may be charged too much without understanding proper basics. So, below we are presenting a list of books which must be referred so that you can build sound foundation in chemical sciences and in meanwhile get through you PhD entrance exam also. We will be adding more reference books here,so keep visiting this page regularly.

  1. Organic Chemistry

Author: Clayden, Greeves, Warren, and Wothers

Publisher: Oxford university Press

Price:  1,424 /-

About this book: This is new, completely innovative textbook provides a comprehensive account of organic chemistry for Undergraduate courses. The approach, based on mechanism and reaction type, aims at understanding rather than factual knowledge, enabling the student to understand reactions not previously encountered. The basis of the subject is explained carefully and thoroughly. The design of the book has many features to aid comprehension. Throughout the text, a personal and honest approach is adopted, the authors writing clearly and directly

to the reader.

  1. Modern methods of Organic synthesis

Author: William Carruthers

Publisher: Cambridge University

Price: 436/-

About this book: The book discusses the value and scope of modern methods used in organic synthesis. It is a very useful book for students of chemistry who are at the graduate, undergraduate and post graduate level. his comprehensive book covers all concepts, procedures and modern methods in organic synthesis. It provides complete knowledge on the methodologies, methods and principles used in the field of organic synthesis to create complex organic compounds. This new edition has a new chapter on the use of functional groups of alkenes. This edition also gives importance to radical chemistry and stereo selective reactions. The book is well structured to facilitate proper understanding. Every page of the book has footnotes for reference. This book also proves helpful for professions who carry out industrial research and want to update their knowledge on organic synthesis.

  1. Inorganic Chemistry

Author: Shriver and Atkins

Publisher: Oxford

Price: 11,876/-

About this book: Shriver and Atkins Inorganic Chemistry is an excellent undergraduate textbook which allows students to develop their understanding of the principles or inorganic chemistry and their applications in modern research as they work through the book. The layout of the book, the excellent standard of presentation and the use of well chosen worked examples and very useful open ended problems make this an extremely accessible text.

  1. Physical Chemistry

Author: Peter Atkins and Julio De Paula

Publisher: W H Freeman & Co

Price: 13,911/-

About this book: the most contemporary, most effective full-length textbook for courses covering thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. Its molecular view of physical chemistry, contemporary applications, student friendly pedagogy, and strong problem-solving emphasis make it particularly well-suited for physics, and chemistry students.

  1. Advanced Organic Chemistry

Author: March

Publisher: John wiley and sons

Price: 5694/-

About this book: A student who has completed a course based on this book should be able to approach the literature directly, with a sound knowledge of modern basic organic chemistry. Major special areas of organic chemistry: terpenes, carbohydrates, proteins, many organometallic reagents, combinatorial chemistry, polymerization and electrochemical reactions, steroids, etc. Students preparing for qualifying examinations and practicing organic chemists will find that it contains a survey of what is known about the mechanism and scope of a large number of reactions, arranged in an orderly manner based on reaction type and on which bonds are broken and formed.

  1. Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity

Author: James.E.Huheey , Ellen.A.Keiter, Richard L.Keiter

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Price: 14,405/-

About this book: User-friendly approach and straightforward slant, patterned on professional literature, gives students a comprehensive look at the discipline and introduces them to such exciting topics as bioinorganic chemistry and solid state chemistry, with expanded coverage of symmetry and group theory and related areas such as spectroscopy and crystallography. chapters on bonding, coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry are included, along with a more in-depth look at solid-state chemistry and other hot topics.

  1. Physical Chemistry

Author: K.L.Kapoor (Vol I – V)

Publisher: Macmillan

Price: 1200/-

About this book: This book provides a thorough understanding of the principles and basic concepts of physical chemistry. Emphasis is placed on applications of the principles and can be used effectively for Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis, Electrochemistry.

  1. Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds

Author: Ernest L. Eliel, Samuel H. Wilen

Publisher: Wiley

Price: 14304/-

About this book: Up–to–date coverage and insightful exposition of all important new concepts, developments, and tools in the rapidly advancing field of stereochemistry, including:

∗ Asymmetric and diastereoselective synthesis

∗ Conformational analysis

∗ Properties of enantiomers and racemates

∗ Separation and analysis of enantiomers and diastereoisomers

∗ Developments in spectroscopy (including NMR), chromatography, and molecular mechanics as applied to stereochemistry

∗ Prostereoisomerism

∗ Conceptual foundations of stereochemistry, including terminology and symmetry concepts

∗ Chiroptical properties.


  1. Molecular Quantum Mechanics

Author: Peter W. Atkins, Ronald S. Friedman

Publisher: Oxford university Press

Price: 1853/-

About this book: With the clarity of exposition and extensive learning features that have established the book as a leading text in the field, Molecular Quantum Mechanics takes us from the foundations of quantum mechanics, through quantum models of atomic, molecular, and electronic structure, and on to discussions of spectroscopy, and the electronic and magnetic properties of molecules. Lucid explanations and illuminating artworks help to visualize the many abstract concepts upon which the subject is built.  Fully updated to reflect the latest advances in computational techniques, and enhanced with more mathematical support and worked examples than ever before, Molecular Quantum Mechanics remains the ultimate resource for those wishing to master this important subject.


  1. Concepts and Models of Inorganic Chemistry

Author: Bodie E. Douglas, Darl H.McDaniel, John J. Alexander

Publisher: John Wiley and sons

Price: 6783/-

About this book: This book is focused on the basic concepts of inorganic chemistry, as the book is focused on upper undergraduate level. The first chapter Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table discusses concepts and historical background of the structure, ionisation energies, general references and is followed by problems based on the discussed topics. Subsequent chapters focus on Molecular Models, that discuss theories and concepts of electronegativity, shapes of molecules, valence bond and general reference material, which are followed by problems. Also included a vast range of areas like the symmetry, bonding and structures, inorganic solids–ionic models, solid–state chemistry, chemical reactions, oxidation, bio-organic chemistry and many other areas of inorganic chemistry. Relevant appendices have also been provided at the end of the book.


The above Exhaustive list has been prepared keeping in mind the entire syllabus of CSIR NET exam in Chemical Sciences.

How to get these Books:

Some books you must be having already, some books are avilable as e-book (google it) while some can be bought from Flipkart or Amazon. You can also look for them in the Local second hand book market , you may ask your seniors or borrow them from your library.

The Shortcut: 

While you can get all these books from the places mentioned above. The real problem starts with

  • What to study and what to leave
  • Doubts which arise during studies
  • Complex language of these books
  • Cost

The shortcut to this problem is by purchasing Biotecnikas study material for CSIR NET Chemical Sciences which covers all these topics and also comes with free doubt solving via Chat, Video lectures and many more.





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