Career @ Syngene | Senior Associate Scientist Post Vacant

Career @ Syngene | Senior Associate Scientist Post Vacant

Syngene invites applicants for  Senior Associate Scientist Post Vacancy. Career at syngene 2018. senior associate post vacant @ syngene. Below are the details of the job post:

Job ID: 3380

Job Title: Senior Associate Scientist

Job Description:

  • Perform artificial chemistry responses
  • Responsible for ensuring that tool/equipment is calibrated, experienced preventative maintenance and maintained clean before usage
  • submit the samples created through the synthesis for evaluation and document results
  • Document observations of experiments, effects, usage of tools and other actions about the response in the labor e-notebook in a timely fashion
  • should understand the MSDS of substances being handled and consciousness of emergency response procedures in case of accidental spillage, leakage, or fire and accountable for Good waster segregation as per EHS norms

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